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So much more than dog walking!

Day Training

Specific to your dog, we will discuss your goals and flush out a new program where we can work together to attain these goals. We train your dog for you while you are at work. We provide report cards after each training session that tells you what your dog has learned, what we’ll work on in the next session, and how you can help to maintain the training we’re doing We provide “Video” sessions for you so that we can teach you how to get your dog performing as well for you as he does for us


Puzzles time: we will give your dog puzzle toys to work your dog’s cortex which helps burn extra energy and also helps obtain new neural pathways, which keep your dog’s mental health fresh and youthful. We use interactive toys like Kong Wobblers, flip puzzles, or Buster Cubes or Balls. These are treat dispensing toys that we can let your dog have a blast with for a little while before we leave.

worry free grooming

We will put together a monthly price that will keep your dog brushed, nails trimmed, dog bathed, and groomed. You literally have to do nothing. Extra fees may apply to behavioral issues or extreme coat conditions.

Crate Games

Crate games is a specific criteria for acclimating dogs to the crate. It is great to maintain a well-crated dog and to gain excitement for being crated.

Steel City PAck Leader

Our mission is to provide the highest quality pet care in a professional, positive and personalized manner.
Professional Care based on the foundation of Dog Needs

Steel City Pack Leader has created a personalized, canine concierge service designed to work hand-in-hand with dog owners to help them make wise decisions about their pet’s care. Most dogs share the same needs: exercise, enrichment, and affection. However, each dog differs in the way they react and adapt to these needs. This is why Steel City Pack Leader begins our relationship with all clients with a complete evaluation of their dog’s health, temperament, and behavieor. The results of this evaluation will enable us to create a service plan tailored specifically for you and your dog. Services Include: Dog Walking, Dog Training,Dog Grooming and Pet Care Liaison. We have found that using the hierarchy of dog needs as our foundational base for creating care plans, has a longer more substantial result than just concentrating on one aspect of care.

  • • Proper nutrition • Fresh water • Sufficient exercise, air, sleep • Indoor shelter • Safety • Temperature control • Gentle grooming. Provide regular physical and mental exercise appropriate for your dog’s age and breed. Proper exercise not only keeps your dog fit, it also decreases stress. Most dogs need to run.

  • Security, Love, Trust, Consistency, Benevolent Leadership

  • Bonding with People and Dogs

  • Training and cognitive needs Choice and Communication

The Hierarchy of Dog Needs® (HDN) is a unique model of wellness and behavior modification guide outlining standards of care and best force-free practices created for everyone who loves a dog. The dog’s needs are listed hierarchically. However, the exclusively force-free behavior modification techniques, embedded with an ethical code, may be safely and effectively used in any order or combination.

Steel City Pack Leader Team

Pet care professionals

Andrew Marrangoni

Professional Dog Trainer, Owner and CEO
Andrew has always loved dogs, and enjoys helping them and their owners achieve great things together. He is very passionate about helping owners understand the power of force free training, and how it strengthens the bond between dog and owner.

Courtney Gaetano

Dog Walker, Dog Groomer
Courtney has a love for animals and nature! She joined steel city pack leader as dog walker, pet sitter and part time groomer privately for our walking clients. She continues to grow and learn more about dogs and how she can help them.

Gary Klose

Dog Training Apprentice, Lead Pet Sitter, and Dog Walker
Gary absolutely loves dogs! He understands them and treats every dog like family. He worked at the Pittsburgh Zoo for 10 years and a dog kennel/daycare for another 5. You and your pup will not be disappointed in his service.

LIndsay Connor

Pet Care Professional, Dog Training Apprentice, Dog Grooming Apprentice
Dogs are not a hobby to Lindsay, they are her way of enjoying life. Lindsay’s main focus is set on helping to provide the best canine care in Pittsburgh with the team at SCPL. Lindsay has 8 years of diverse experience in the pet-care world.

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