November 5, 2015



Creating daily practices of how you want your to behave in our world through training,  is the most effective and humane way to manage the relationship between you and your dog. I use the word relationship because that is what it is, and the most important part of maintaining any relationship is communication. Unfortunately, too many dog owners do not understand that their dog doesn’t comprehend our speech unless it is repeatedly matched with action.

Learning how to communicate with your dog is a skill. There are two parts to the skill: 1.) education and 2.) application. Many people quickly understand the education part of it because it is relatively simple and basic common sense. The application is where most dog owners have problems. Working on your relationship with your dog and creating an established line of communication takes time, practice, and consistency. Once this skill is gained, many dog owners find a new sense of appreciation for their four-legged friend as well as the ability to show them what they expect from the dog, so the dog understands how to behave. Basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay, and come when called should be looked at as creating communication and teaching your dog basic manners. We use these commands to help our dogs maintain safety in our world. We teach them rules and lessons, not only to ease our stress, but also to invigorate your dog’s mind.

There is a lot of information out there on dog behavior, and not all of it is good information. Steel City Pack Leader is dedicated to teaching their clients that there is a educated and compassionate way to teach their dog. We have the understanding that not all dogs and their owners have the same relationship, the same goals, or the same needs. That is why we cater each training that we do for the owner and their dog.