March 28, 2016

What to Bring to class

In order to make the most of the class and maximize successful outcomes, we have provided a list of items to bring with you and what you can expect from each class.


What you should bring:

  • Things that motivate your dog. These can be toys, treats and/or your affection.  The key here is to be able to provide your dog with a reward.
  • A treat pouch or apron keeping food hidden from the dog is important.
  • A flat buckle collar, gentle leader or harness
  • 4 or 6 foot leash made of leather or nylon
  • A dog that has had a 15-20 minute walk and a dog that is hungry will help you set up your dog for success
  • An open mind and a positive attitude for learning


What to expect

  • All owners and their dogs’ learn differently.  Our training techniques are designed to accommodate this individuality.
  • Prior to class attendees will be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire. The information you provides allows me to understand your goals and any skills or challenges you have.  
  • We will start the class by covering common problems and problem-solving techniques.  This will be followed by individually focused training to address specific problems or goals.
  • The training class is just the beginning.  You will be absorbing a fair amount of information – some that may be new to you.  The key to success is consistent practice with your dog.  Reinforcement with yield lasting results.
  • After a few minutes of individual instruction, you will have an opportunity to spend several minutes practicing your new skill.  This enables each client to have both training and practice opportunities.
  • Please be patient .  New skills take time for both you and your dog to become comfortable with the mechanics of the skill you’re learning.