New Heading Training with Zoom!

Training on Zoom!


I was forced to start using zoom when coronavirus struck the United States. I was not sure how it was going to go, but now that I have been doing it for a while I am making the change to start all new clients with zoom!


Zoom is great for beginners and actually has some significant benefits over meeting one on one. 


  1. Low pressure for everyone. This relieves the pressure of you inviting me into your home, and your dog has the ability not to have to meet a stranger. 
  2. Saves everyone time. The moment we are done. I’m home and you’re home so we can just continue our day win! win!
  3. Saves money. I can offer zoom at a lower rate than traditional in home appointments.  
  4. Sets you and your dog up for success. Having you do all the work with your dog helps you bond and gives you the confidence to continue with homework for the skills you’re building. 


You should have a few things for zoom to work for you. 


  1. Laptop,tablet or smartphone that can run zoom. 
  2. A tripod or stand to hold the device so the training area can stay in view
  3. An area rug, mat or a part of the room marked off for training. 
  4. Motivation: Food, toys or anything your dog enjoys for reinforcement. 
  5. An attitude for learning. Dog training is not complicated but it is a skill so the information given has to be put into effective practice. 

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